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Audience Response with TurningPoint: Home

The Health Sciences Library is your distribution point to use either the traditional TurningPoint system or the ResponseWare version, which turns your mobile device into a transmitter. Integrate with PowerPoint and poll your audience instantly

Download TurningPoint

Download TurningPoint onto your computer for free. Go to the following Web page, select TurningPoint 5, then choose Mac or PC. If downloading to a Baystate computer, contact the Help Desk for assistance (4-3000).

What is TurningPoint?

TurningPoint is a licensed software program produced by Turning Technologies, Inc., that integrates with PowerPoint and let's you interact with your audience for a more engaging presentation!

TurningPoint uses hand held clickers or mobile devices as transmitters for participants to respond to questions during a presentation, which allows the speaker to gain valuable feedback for learning assessment or for fun. 

TurningPoint User Guides

Turning Technologies Logo

Academic Affairs TurningPoint Info Page