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Scholarly Commons @ Baystate Health: Researcher Pages

The Health Sciences Library maintains a digital record of peer reviewed publications that include citations and abstracts of journal articles, and records of presentations, and book chapters. The library scans the literature to identify and add new works.

Easy Steps to Creating Your Page

Create Your Own SelectedWorks Researcher Page

Use the easy-to-navigate interface and have your page in minutes! 

Baystate’s new repository, Scholarly Commons @ Baystate Health, includes individual researcher pages to display publications and more.

Here are the easy steps to get started, or contact the Health Sciences Library X 4-1865 to do it for you:

1.      Create an Account

  •  Go to, click on the Menu (top right) link
  •  Click Sign Up (or Login if you already have an account)
  •  Complete the form and click Create Account
  •  Click the Confirm Account button in the confirmation email

2.      Choose a URL (note – it cannot be revised afterward)

3.      Enter your Institution (Baystate Health), position, title and up to three research disciplines

Congratulations, you now have a profile!  Next, see the steps on Customizing Your Profile, Adding & Managing Works and much more by going to this link:  and downloading the instructions.  

 Using tabs on the page for additional features, you can:    

   Upload new research or edit your site

   Access use statistics

   Announce latest research to your mailing list

   Grant administrative privileges for other persons(s) to help with your site

   Provide context with added introductory text

Easy Upload and Editing

  Post any type of material, preprints, book chapters, speeches, presentations etc., or just cite your work

  delegate the task to someone else

Greater Visibility to Others

   Increased readership and impact, indexed by Google

   RSS feeds and email can alert others to your new work 

Build and Manage Your Page, Control Your Content

  Announce updates to your followers

  Access use statistics

 Designate an assistant to manage

 Organize research with customized subject headings

  Upload new research, remove or replace a paper with revised version

 Customize a citation and include abstracts, PowerPoints and more




Your Own Researcher Page in Seconds

The Benefits

Here are some of the advantages of a Research Page (Or ask the library to create): 

Your Researcher Page is closely integrated with Baystate’s publication repository, Scholarly Commons

Creates a Web accessible archive that preserves your Baystate scholarship

Build an online CV and make your research highly visible to others

Link your profile to all abstracts and the full text of any open access publications

Showcase research programs and presentations to outsiders who may be interested in your work

Utilize the Scholarly Commons software to create your own digital publication, linked to your profile

How to Edit Researcher Page already created for you