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LibGuides Upgrade


The Health Sciences Library is migrating from LibGuides version 1 (v1) to version 2 (v2).  This Guide is intended to provide the information you require to prepare your guides for migration from the older version to the new, mobile-friendly version.

Prepare for Migration

Delete Old Unwanted/Unused Guides

Before a move, it's always helpful to throw out the clutter.  Take some time to delete any guides that are no longer used.

You may display & access your guides using the directions below.  LibGuide menu options are displayed in  orange .

  • Once you have logged in, click the  Dashboard  option in the top v1 menu.
  • Within the  Guides  pull-down menu, select  View/Edit My Guides .
  • Here you can access your guide by clicking the title, check to see if it's published/private/unpublished, check when it was last updated, and review statistics information.
  • Finally, there is a red X that will allow you to delete an unwanted guide.


Update Your Guide before Migration Deadline Jan 18, 2018 - REQUIRED [only guides updated in last 12 months will migrate]

Guides that have been updated in the last 12 months will automatically be migrated to the v2 platform.  This includes unpublished, private and published guides.  Guides that have not been updated in the last 12 months will not automatically migrate! 

Please spend a few minutes reviewing your guides and make appropriate changes before migration takes place.  This will change the "Last Updated" date.

If your guide is perfect, we still want confirmation that you believe it's important to keep and migrate to v2.  The easiest way to update is:

  • Once you have logged in and are accessing a guide, within the  Guide Settings  pull-down in the v1 menu, select  Change Guide Information .
  • Without making any changes, click Save.  This will change the update date of your guide and let the migration team know that the guide should migrate to v2.


We recommend that, if you have not done so, you give your pages friendly URLs and repoint your links to the friendly URLs.  

Jan 22, 2018 - WE GO LIVE WITH V2 GUIDES

  • V2 LibGuides will "go live".
  • The URLs currently used for v1 will display v2 guides.
  • The v1 guide site will no longer be viewable by the public but will continue to exist for 6 months.


In the meantime, feel free to log in to the new LGV2 system (still in beta) to get familiar with the look.  Please note that your current guides will not appear here until the migration date.     (use your current login/password)

The following Guides provide useful information on creating guides in LibGuides V2:

 LibGuides V2 Basics PDF

Creating Guides in LGV2



If you have questions please contact Maria Roman at 47244 or email me.

LibGuide Basics PDF

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