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Evidence-Based Practice: Publishing Your Own Research

Let Jane do all the work!

Just copy and paste your abstract and/or keywords into JANE and you will get a list of journals that have published on your topic, with their respective article influence scores.

Getting started

Journals by Subject

Choosing the right journal

You are probably familiar with many mediclal journals already, both general and specific to your field. Some of the more popular titles with the highest impact factors include New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA, and The Lancet. In order to find a journal in which to publish your article, you have to determine:

  1. If your topic of interest is typically published in that journal (e.g. patient safety issue, quality improvement project)
  2. If that journal publishes the type of article you would like to submit (e.g. clinical study, case report, review article)
  3. The specific details and guidelines for submission that authors must follow

One approach to finding this information is to go to the main web site of a journal and browse through an issue or two. The best place to check for specific publishing information is a section typically called "For Authors" or "Author Guidelines." These pages will provide you with details on the type of articles that they accept, formatting guidelines, peer-review process, licensing restrictions, etc. 

Another method of finding a journal in which to publish is to do a search for your topic in a database such as PubMed/Medline, Scopus, or Google Scholar. Browse through your results list to see what journals have published articles on your topic, and then go to the home page of those journals to get more information about submission guidelines. 

Questions? Contact one of the librarians for more information!

Publishing Case Reports

Looking for the right journal to publish your case study can be especially difficult because some medical journals do not publish case reports, and some that do use predatory tactics, charging authors steep costs for their submissions and not providing quality peer review. Listed below are a few articles and resources to help you find a trusted journal for your case report.

Citation style

Following the many details and rules required of each citation style can be challenging! Listed below are several resources to provide guidance as you write your paper and create your reference list.

Subject Guide

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Books on writing

The Library & Knowledge Services has several books on writing and publishing. Listed below are a couple examples; you can find each book by using the Call Number listed, or ask the librarian at the front desk for help!