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Capture, format and organize your references and files for publication and research the easy way. Here's a quick tour to get started in the right direction!

A Word to the Wise: Check your References

Remember to always proof read your bibliography or citations. Citation management programs do not substitute for careful review of your sources. If you need to edit any of your references, you may rely upon some of the library's style guide manuals or check online resources for proper citation style guides.

Citation Management Basics

The power of citation management systems is that you can capture citations electronically from journals or databases, or enter them manually from databases, ebooks, electronic catalogs, or even references from print sources -  and the organize and store them for later use. They also let the individual researcher or clinician output their citations in a preferred or even required format or publication style - such as NIH or APA for example. Finally, you may then organize groups of citations into separate folders that can each generate a bibliography for separate publications. 


Citation Management Programs at Baystate

Here at Baystate Medical Center, you can either use the free, basic edition of EndNote or purchase the more robust desktop client version to be installed on your work PC. To purchase the desktop version, you have to fill out an electronic Funds Transfer form and submit the form to IT. Go to the EndNote tab above for more information.

Contact the Library for Consultations

Persons interested in small group or individual consultations on how to use EndNote should call the library: X 4-1865

Author Beware: Predatory Publishers