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Chief Resident Leadership Curriculum

This guide describes the topics, readings and resources for a 11-month chief resident leadership curriculum. The goal of the curriculum is to provide you with basic leadership skills that can be applied to clinical, academic and professional settings during your chief resident year and thereafter. We also hope that the seminars will help you to build a community of practice among yourselves, chiefs residents from other departments and program leadership.

The curriculum is parsed into leadership segments and each segment is further broken down into discrete topics. Each segment addresses common challenges and responsibilities that you may face during that respective time. For example, we’ve learned in the past that some chiefs (like most people who begin a new job) often feel nervous about being able to live up to the duties and expectations of the role. Therefore, one of the first topics that we'll cover is around impostorism. Later in the year, when you feel a bit more comfortable in your roles, topics revolve around conflict resolution, management and communication. Associated references are selected because they are practical, stimulating and easy to read. As such, the references are not an exhaustive bibliography for each topic.

Our meetings will take place monthly. You will be receiving an email from me in advance with the session's date, location/links to log onto, topic and related resources.

The topics included were selected to address leadership skills that are relevant to commonly encountered institutional, programmatic and individual issues and challenges that you may face as chief resident. Topics build on leadership themes commonly covered during your residency training. We will NOT be following the guide in a strict order. Rather, we will choose topics week by week that are relevant to current ongoing and issues. So please feel free to email me with any particular topics that you would like to cover - we can be flexible!

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