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Chief Resident Leadership Curriculum: May - June: Reflection and Looking Ahead

May - June: Reflection and Looking Ahead

The last months of the chief resident year are again a time of transition. You are probably looking ahead towards a new job or fellowship. You're probably also starting to hand over your roles to the incoming chief residents, and in doing so, impart some of the wisdom you've acquired over the year. As such, this time period is an excellent opportunity for reflection and self-growth.


1.    Discuss the way changes occurred in the institution or program over the year. Evaluate the way these changes were facilitated through the lens of Kotter’s 8 steps.

2.    Define the differences between a manager and a leader; reflect on one’s role as chief through these definitions and consider avenues for growth.

3.    Discuss and reflect on the personal, team and/or programmatic goals established at the beginning of the academic year.

4.    Evaluate the effectiveness of the curriculum and provide feedback to curricular leaders.


Facilitating Culture Change

Reflecting on how major changes occurred in the institution or program can be an opportunity to discuss the way in which successful change is facilitated. Now that you've had a year of administrative and political experience, you can now reflect on and evaluate changes that occurred during your year. A critical appraisal of these changes may help you to consider how you might go about facilitating successful change in a future leadership role. We have chosen to discuss this later in the year because we feel it is a skill that requires both experience and other more basic leadership skills in order to be successful. 

Leadership and Management

During this session, we will reexamine the goals we established earlier in the year, our relationships with others and the changes that occurred in ourselves during the past year. In doing so, we will consider how your chief roles aligned with the definitions of manager and leader. Examining your roles through these definitions may help you to consider avenues for personal growth in future career positions, especially as many of you will go on to assume other formal leadership roles during your career.

Goals, Revisited

We may wish to revisit and reflect on individual and team goals at this point in the year. As incoming chiefs will be setting goals around this time of the year as well, it may be instructive to both outgoing and incoming chiefs to set and reflect on goals during this session. Outgoing chiefs can help to facilitate this session.

Curricular Evaluation and Feedback

We will devote our last session to discussing the leadership seminar and considering ways to improve it going forward. You will receive a SurveyMonkey link at some point as well to help with the evaluation of our seminar series. I would GREATLY appreciate your help in filling it out as we make changes to the curriculum every year and it is only with your feedback that we are able to make it better and better!!

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