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HPV3 Vaccine Hesitancy--Powerpoint (Dr. Donna Fisher)

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Do Vaccines Overwhelm the Infants Immune System?

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Centers for Disease Control  (Tips and Time-Savers for Talking with Parents About HPV Vaccine, CDC 2013)

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The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia  (information for patients and family members from the Vaccine Education Center)

Immunization Action Coalition    (Links to Resources on the HPV Vaccine  for patients and healthcare providers)

Massachusetts HPV Vaccination Initiative  (the Massachusetts Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics)

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HPV Vaccine Discussion Notes

Pediatric Grand Rounds: April 1, 2014

Vaccine Hesitancy Workshop




Mrs. Smith has brought her 11 year old daughter to your office for her yearly physical exam.

She needs an update of her shot record for school and afterschool sports programs.

You are reviewing with the mother and daughter that she is due for multiple vaccines at this visit including meningococcal vaccine, a Tdap, and beginning HPV series.  Mother was aware of the need for vaccines at this visit, and has agreed to fully immunizing her daughter in the past. She was not aware that she would be due to start HPV vaccine at this visit.

Mrs. Smith: 

“Why does she need a vaccine for HPV? –I thought that it is an STD, She’s only 11 years old.

I also heard that there are side effects.

And, if we give her that vaccine, I am concerned about what she might think or do in the future.

I don’t want to discuss this now…………….”