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Geriatrics Information Resources : Mobile Apps


The Edmonton Frail Scale

A tool to be used by the health professionals that help to easely assess the state of frailty of the older patients.  It consists in a questionnaire and some simple tests. The results are expressed as a score. A good correlation is demonstrated between high scores and the occurence of complications after stressfull medical events such as surgery. 






The ePrognosis: Cancer Screening

A decision support app to help guide conversations with elderly patients of whether to start, stop, or continue breast cancer and/or colorectal cancer screening.









Combines various American Geriatrics Society's clinical information offerings into one easy to use application. Aimed at healthcare providers and covering a wide range of topics relating to older adults, from medication safety to cross-cultural assistance







AGS Geriatrics Evaluation & Management Tools (GEMS) App

Provides guidance to clinicians and trainees who are caring for older adults. Over 20 clinical topics are covered following a History & Physical (H&P) format.  Download the AGS Geriatrics Evaluation & Management Tools App and access the template on Managing Mulitmorbidity for free and then subscribe to access all of clinical topics available in this convenient App.

The AGS GEMS App is the perfect tool for:
• Quick consult for those with experience and training in geriatrics
• Checklist for clinicians who are caring for older adults
• Teaching tool






Opioid Converter

This application is designed to aid with opioid dose conversions. Useful for the transitioning patients from IV to oral pain regimens (for example, patients who are no longer NPO after surgery) or for consolidating opioids into a simpler regimen. This app will come in handy for medical students, interns, pain management teams, and anyone who will need to quickly and easily calculate these conversions. Adjustments can be made for incomplete cross-tolerance.








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