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Current Awareness Alerts: Table of Contents Alerts

Set up search and eTOC alerts to help keep abreast of advances in your field.


Receiving Electronic Tables of Contents

Rather than subscribe to a journal in which you may find only a few relevant articles each month, set up an electronic Table of Contents (eTOC) alert! You will receive an email each time a journal issue is published that contains the Table of Contents and article abstracts. When you see a particular article that you would like, just obtain the full-text by using the corresponding links in your email, or request the article from the library.

You can sign up for eTOC alerts by going to the individual journal publisher's web site or to one of the various subscription databases provided by the library. For example, here is a quick step-by-step list for setting up an eTOC alert for the AORN Journal:

(1) Go to the library's journal catalog (link provided on right side of this page)
(2) Search for the journal title
(3) Select one of the databases listed that include this journal
(4) Select the "Email" or "Share" icon and enter the required information (see screenshots below)

[Note: In some databases you will have to register for a free account before setting up an alert.]

 Journal catalog

Alert in Ovid


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