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Mobile Devices : Productivity Apps

Be more productive, manage files & passwords

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Dropbox allows you to sync your files online and across your computers automatically. It provides up to 2Gb of storage for free and up to 100Gb for paid accounts. The iPhone app makes it easy to copy files from your computers or other mobile devices to your iPhone or iPad. Universal iOS app or Android. Free.

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ToDo for iPhone and ToDo for iPad has a beautiful, simple interface and is full of features (projects, sub-tasks, due-dates, categories, etc), while remaining simple to use. ToDo makes it easy to keep your lists in sync between your mobile devices and computers. (Android users, try GTasks)

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Password manager for generating secure passwords and storing all you passwords securely. Synchronizes in the background with your computers and other mobile devices. A great way to avoid using the same password on every site. Android version available.

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LogMein Ignition
Remotely access your Mac or Windows computers from anywhere. Control your desktop, move the mouse, zoom in and out via pinch-zoom. Very easy to set up and use compared to other similar programs. Universal iOS app. Android version available.

The content of this page was originated by Nicole Hennig & Ramleen Green at the MIT Libraries.  

More Productivity Apps

Goal setting and tracking

View Flash videos on your iPhone

Take notes while browsing the web or view two web screens at once

Scan QR codes

BHS Apps

 iOS 9 users, click for required steps

Public Apps 

Shortcut to the Baystate Health App Store. Provides notifications for new features and new apps.


AppStore – Mobile shortcut to store  

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Employee Apps




 Employee Directory

Employee Directory

  Work Tips

Work Tips 
For clinical tools like CIS




 CIS Photo Upload

CIS Photo Upload
HIPPA compliant

 PVIX Data Viewer

    PVIC Data Viewer
     Access to patient Data  

Disaster Patient Tracking
Disaster Patient Tracking
Disaster wristband scanner




Employee Third Party Apps



PVIX secure meggaging



HD Video


Enterprise social network

Globoforce Mobile

Enterprise social

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