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Mobile Devices : BrowZine

Features and Functions of BrowZine

BrowZine is an app for tablets and smartphones that delivers and lets you browse, read, and save articles from thousands of the library's journals in one newsstand. BrowZine is compatible with iOS and Android tablets and smartphones. BrowZine can also be used on your laptop or computer as BrowZine Web. To use BrowZine on your laptop or personal computer, simply bookmark and go to:

With BrowZine, you can:

  • Browse journals by subject area and across disciplines
  • Create your own personal journal bookshelf
  • Download articles in full-text in a uniform format, without having to search multiple platforms for what you need
  • Save articles for offline reading and/or export to services like Zotero and Mendeley
  • Get alerts when new articles appear in your favorite journals
  • Add your favorite titles to My Bookshelf: enable easy access to your favorite titles, organized in a way convenient just for you
  • Create multiple reading lists: flag titles for later use and share lists
  • Sync My Bookshelf and reading lists across all devices

To get started with BrowZine:

1.  From a Baystate desktop go to: Baystate Health BrowZine 

2.  Select "My Bookshelf"

3.  Select "Sign Up for BrowZine", enter your email (preferably Baystate's) and a password twice and click on sign up     

You will be prompted to go to your email where you will receive a message from BrowZine to confirm your email address (tip: make sure to open your confirmation email from a baystate PC - not from your device).  Click on green confirm tab.  You now created your own BrowZine account.                                                                                             

Downloading the BrowZine App

To access BrowZine from your smartphone or tablet, download the BrowZine app from the appropriate app store.  It will be a free download

Available on the app store                   Android App on Google Play                 Available at Amazon App Store for Google Android



Open the app and select " Baystate Health" from list provided by either searching or scrolling.


The next screen will have Baystate's logo and will indicate that you need to use BrowZine Pairing Service for remote authentication.  Tap “continue”.

 STEP 3 

After a brief loading screen you will be prompted to login or sign up for a BrowZine Account.  Enter your login info.



  STEP 4  

A screen will be presented allowing you to pair by email by clicking on the white button.


 Step 5

You will receive a second email that is a pairing confirmation. 
This email MUST be clicked from within Baytate's network either
on a desktop computer or a laptop configured with the Baystate network.


 Step 6

The link in the email will get you to a page asking you to sign in with the BrowZine Account you recently created.




If you are indeed within the Baystate network you will get a
confirmation that your device is now paired and you can return
to BrowZine on your device 


 STEP 8 

Return to the BrowZine app and click the red “try again” button.  BrowZine will recognize that you completed the pairing process and let you in.  Log in and access Baystate journals. 



**You may have to turn off the Baystate public wifi in order to download and view our journal articles (Baystate terms & conditions agreement may interfere with access)

You can always go to the SETTINGS tab within BrowZine to see how much time you have left in the pairing.  Pairing starts out at 90 days, so if you just completed this you now have 89 days left.

Once this time expires you will be prompted to re-pair your device again. Alternatively, you can avoid this by periodically using BrowZine (just launching the app) within the institutional wi-fi if possible.  This automatically will bring you back up to 90 days.


Need additional assistance?   Click on this link to see pairing video and FAQ's