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About the Library

Guiding Principles

Library & Knowledge Services Guiding Principles


The Library & Knowledge Services is located on the main campus of Baystate Medical Center and provides information to meet the needs of clinicians, researchers, educators, and staff affiliated with Baystate Health.  The library provides easy access to print, digital, video and audio materials as well as to study and training space.  The library is fully networked and provides access to current knowledge resources and clinical information systems.  Training sessions are offered on the optimal use of all databases as well as on information management procedures.


The mission of Baystate Health is to improve the health of all people in our communities every day, with quality and compassion.  To support that mission, the Library & Knowledge Services responds swiftly, accurately, and respectfully to all requests for information. 


We are committed to upholding these guiding principles:



·         Select resources appropriate to the mission of Baystate Health. 

·         Organize and deliver digital, video, audio and print resources for optimal usability.

·         Provide 24/7 access to library resources for on-site and remote library users.



·         Promote awareness of library resources and services within Baystate Health.

·         Participate in resource sharing nationwide with medical and health sciences libraries.

·         Pursue professional development in order to learn about, promote and support current best practices of library resource delivery.



·         Troubleshoot access to library resources with on-site and remote library users. 

·         Perform professional literature searches for clinicians and community health workers.

·         Maintain resources and services relevant to supporting researchers and educators.

·         Incorporate the practice of digitizing archive materials and scholarly output in order to safeguard the history of Baystate Health.


Fair Use

·         Support intellectual freedom through resource development and delivery.

·         Provide authorized access to resources restricted by copyright and/or license agreements.

·         Counsel library users in methods of adhering to the Fair Use Doctrine.



·         Adhere to the professional standards of the American Library Association, the Medical Library Association and the Special Libraries Association.

·         Participate in the National Network of Libraries of Medicine to provide access to biomedical and health care information nationwide.