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Physical Therapy Information Resources: Writing & Publishing


Your List of References: Citing Journals

Basic Format:

Author, A.A., B.B. Author and C.C. Author. Year. Title of article. Title of Periodical. Volume number(issue number if applicable): pages.

One Author:

Terleph, T. A. 2004. The function of agonistic display behaviours in Gnathonemus petersii.   Journal of Fish Biology.          64(5):1373-1385.

Two Authors:

Pierce, B.J. and S. R. McWilliams. 2005. Seasonal changes in composition of lipid stores in migratory birds: causes and consequences. Condor. 107(2):269-279.

Three or more authors:

Bartholomew, K., G. Dos Santos, T. Dumonceaux, T. Charles, and F. Archibald.  2001.  Genetic transformation of Trametes versicolor to phleomycin resistance with the dominant selectable marker shble.  Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol.    56: 201-204.

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