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Education and Educational Research: Intro to Education Research: Why Clinical Research Skills are Insufficient to Answer Education Research Questions


Director of Reseach - Baystate Medical Center
Professor - Tufts University School of Medicine
Director of Medical Education and Research - Baystate Medical Center
Assistant Professor - Tufts University School of Medicine

PowerPoint Presentation

Intro to Ed Research
Session Delivered February 13, 2014. Authors: Paul Visintainer, PhD and Rebecca Blanchard, PhD

Quantitative Data Analysis

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Introduction to Education Research - Why Clinical Skills are Insufficient to Answer Education Research Questions

Goal and Objectives

This lecture prepares participants to conceptualize basic educational research studies and anticipate challenges.


By the end of this lecture, participants will be able to... 

1.      Discuss a process for writing high quality research questions

2.      Review basic research designs in educational research

3.      Discuss considerations of sample size and tool selection

Resources for Educational Research

The Role of the IRB in Medical Educational Research
This article highlights the role of the IRB for those considering an educational research project! A very insightful read.

Applying Clinical Research Skills to Conduct Education Research: Important Recommendations for Success
Rebecca D. Blanchard, PhD, Anthony R. Artino Jr, PhDPaul F. Visintainer, PhD

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