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Leadership Development Resources at the Library & Knowledge Services : Finding Articles

Requesting a Literature Search

Even if you are not sure you want to request a literature search, fill out the request form and a librarian will get back to you with helpful information. You may either call the library at X 4-1865 or complete the search request form and one of the Information & Knowledge Services Librarians will create a  list of quality journal articles customized to your topic by searching one of our online databases.

Databases for Searching the Literature

Getting Articles on Your Topic

Journal articles are a great way to survey the current take on just about any topic whether it be clinical, administrative, education or other aspect of health care - or just about anything else! The most systematic and efficient way of identifying current journal articles that are relevant to your topic is to undertake a literature search of one of the library's many online databases - either yourself or by asking an expert search intermediary at the Library & Knowledge Services. A literature search will generate a customized list of articles on your subject, complete with full citation (author, title, journal, pages and date) and even an informative abstract summary that tells you the scope and even the conclusions of the article. The library has dozens of licensed databases, indexing millions of articles covered by thousands of journals. And if we don't own a journal, we will nevertheless obtain the article itself through our document sharing, interlibrary loan networks. Click here to request an interlibrary loan.