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BERST Academy: Previous BERST Events

Baystate Education Research and Scholarship of Teaching Academy

BERST March Sessions

This hands-on session explored the DRIVE tool created by the UMass Medical School Diversity, Representation, and Inclusion for Value in Education Initiative. BERST members, PURCH students, and UMMS-Worcester Faculty led us through this tool and how to use it to support the design of our teaching sessions and beyond.

DRIVE resources include:   


1) The printable Curriculum Appraisal Tool  

2) The online library guide extended version, with examples, exercises and links to relevant articles  

3) Recorded introductory workshop  

4) DRIVE disclosure slide to add to the start of your presentations  

4) Extended discussion and idea sharing live at the DRIVE Café, every Thursday at 3 and Friday at 4  

5) Consultation request service – let us know if you’d like assistance strengthening your teaching materials and we’ll match you with students willing to help you take on the challenge  

This session explored methods to teach health professions learners clinical reasoning. Specifically, it focused on interprofessional communication and elevating the voice of patients and families to enhance diagnostic teamwork. Participants were led through activities that they could take back to their own learners and teams.‚Äč

PURCH faculty and students shared the changes made to the PURCH Curriculum across the four years. This session gave the opportunity to learn about the iterative process of curriculum change and how you can get involved in teaching our UMMS-Baystate students.

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